Sweepstakes Listing Terms of Service

By submitting a sweepstakes listing, you are agreeing to the following terms of services:

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United States Regulations

To add your listing to the sweepstakes directory, the sweepstakes must follow the laws set forth by the FCC and FTC in the United States. In short, the sweepstakes must be "No Purchase Necessary to Enter or Win". To read more about the regulations to run a sweepstakes in the United States, you can read the summary on Wikipedia. We also require that all sweepstakes be open to residents of the USA. They may be open to other countries as well, but they must be open to at least some residents of the USA.

Sweepstakes Details

You agree to provide the most accurate entry details for the sweepstakes you submit. Any changes to the giveaway should be updated in the sweepstakes listing. Entry links should point to the exact URL of the entry form. Redirecting links are not permitted, nor are affiliate links or referral links.

Sweepstakes prize descriptions should only be used to list the prizes available in the sweepstakes. No part of the listing should be used to "sell" the giveaway to the readers. You can do that on your own website. Links are not permitted in the listing, other than the entry URL and the official Rules URL. Listing links may be run through our own redirect system or from a 3rd party for tracking and/or affiliation purposes.


If your listing "Plan" includes an image, you agree that any images you post are either owned by you, or you have permission to use the image. We reserve the right to remove any image for any reason at own discretion. If your image is removed, you may have the option to choose another image for your listing.

Listing Submission and Plans

Several listing plans may be available, which might include Free plans and Paid plans. Paid plans might include upgrades, like the ability to add a photo to your listing, or to have the listing displayed above Free listings on certain pages. All listings will be moderated before they are made available to the public and may take up to 24 hours before they are processed. 

We reserve the right to modify any listing for any reason. Reasons for modification might include readability, errors, formatting to match the style of the site, etc. We reserve the right to reject any listing for any reason. We do not allow listings for adult or sexual content. If a paid listing is rejected, a refund will be given in the amount of the listing plan price. Due to the nature of advertising, all sales are final; no refunds will be given.