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Simple Sweepstakes Listing Submission

Here at Sweeps-takes, we want to make it as easy as possible for businesses and websites to promote their giveaways and to reach a large audience. We have made our sweepstakes submission form as simple as possible while also trying to provide those who enter the sweepstakes with as much information as they need. If you think there is a feature that is missing, we would be happy to hear from you.

Free Image With Every Sweepstakes Listing

For a limited time, we are including an image upload for every sweepstakes listing, this is something that few other listing services offer. We know that photos are the quickest way to grab someone's attention, so we know that everyone will benefit from this feature.

Note: You should have your image ready when you submit your listing. If you do not have an image on your listing by the time it has been approved by our moderators, no image appear in social media shares.

Featured Listings

The Free listing includes everything you need to promote your sweepstakes with us, but that doesn't mean you can't do better. A Featured listing gets moved above all basic listings on Category pages as well as most other sweepstakes pages. New Featured listings even make it to the front page where they have an even batter chance of being seen. Featured Listings also include a second image upload so that you can better show off you prize or sweepstakes. Featured listings last for 30 days or until the sweepstakes expires. Free listings can be upgraded to Featured listings at any time. You can see the pricing of the plans below.

Social Media Sharing

In addition to placing your listing on our website in categories that are easy for our users to navigate, we also try and share as many of your sweepstakes listings on our social media channels as possible. This includes sharing when a new sweepstakes has been published and also when a sweepstakes is coming to an end. If you follow us on social media you will probably see your own listing shared shortly after it has been approved.

Note: Be sure to follow us on social media (see the buttons at the top of the page) and re-share your listing again. The more people we can reach means the more people you can reach.

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