Giveaway 2 Kindles Each Month

Giveaway 2 Kindles Each Month Hosted by: Taylor Kole

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Giveaway 2 Kindles Each Month

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Enter this giveaway to win 1 of 2 Kindles each month from author Taylor Kole. I'm a novelist hoping to build an engaging mailer by giving away a Kindle each time I send it out (2x month). I also do print book giveaway, magnets, bookmarks, anything to keep your interest until we're friends, or the next book comes about. Free e-books and stories always on my site in multiple formats, come download. I know you'll like them, possibly me, and we will have fun watching this grow.
ARV: $400.00 Winners: 1
Open to: 18+ Expires: Monday Dec. 31, 2018
Official Rules Entry: 1x once Type: giveaway widget

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