Every Amazon Giveaway In One Place

Every Amazon Giveaway In One Place

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Every Amazon Giveaway In One Place

Ever since Amazon burst onto the scene in 2015 with the introduction of their own platform (Amazon Giveaways) to giveaway products listed for sale on Amazon, small businesses have been using it to promote their products and their brand. But for those of us interested in winning those products, it has been difficult for us to find these giveaways; until now. Now there is one page that lists all the Amazon Giveaways you could ever hope to enter.

Amazon itself has finally created a section on their website that indexes all of the Amazon Giveaways that are created by users. You can find the Amazon Giveaways Here. Up until this point, we have had to rely on third-party websites to find these giveaways. The problem with these third party websites is that we never knew if they had the complete list of new giveaways. After viewing Amazon's own giveaway page, it is clear that the third party indexing sites didn't even come close.

Though, some of these third-party websites do have an advantage over Amazon in the way they can sort or filter the listings so that users can view only the type of giveaways they want to enter. For example, if you don't want to enter giveaways that require you to tweet a message, you can filter those giveaways out. Or you could filter out the giveaways that required you to watch a video. Amazon, on the other hand, offers no such filtering options.

All that being said, Amazon's own giveaway listings are pretty easy to read and filter with your own eyes. I can scan through the listings and see what I want to enter, not only by looking at the pictures but also by looking at the entry requirements. Since I don't read much, I can skim past the book or kindle giveaways and spend my time on more exciting or useful prizes.

After only a few days of entering giveaways on the Amazon Giveaway page, I have already picked up my second Amazon Giveaway win. It wasn't a major prize, just a simple Desk Planner/Calendar, with 1 in 1000 odds of winning, but it is still something useful. I only spent about a half-hour entering each of those days, so the payoff was rather quick.

As I write this article the Amazon delivery van has pulled up and made a delivery that I wasn't expecting to get. Upon opening, I discovered it is the Desk Planner I won just a few days earlier. How convenient.

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