Amazon Giveaways You Should Avoid

Amazon Giveaways You Should Avoid

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Avoid this Amazon Giveaway Scam

With the introduction of Amazon Giveaways, Amazon has made it easier than ever for small publishers, sellers, and manufacturers to get the word out about their products by using promotional giveaways. Yet, even though a giveaway system like Amazon Giveaways makes advertising products super cheap and easy, there are some independent giveaway hosts out there that are gaming the system so they don't have to give out a prize. They are scamming you out of your time.

What Are Amazon Giveaways and Are Amazon Giveaways Real?

Let me first say that most independent giveaway hosts are honest and they are using Amazon Giveaways as they are intended. Amazon is also not to blame, though there are steps that they can take to fix the issue.

Not all Amazon Giveaways Are Legit

I have discovered that certain giveaway hosts are setting up their Amazon Giveaways to make it more likely than not that there won't be a winner. If you look at the bottom of each Amazon Giveaway entry page you will see the rules for that particular giveaway. It is there where you will find information like when the giveaway ends and how the winner is chosen.

The problem is that some giveaways are set up with a short entry period with the winner being chosen only when 20,000 entries have been received. So unless the giveaway is really popular, it will expire before it can reach the 20,000 minimum.

Why run an Amazon Giveaway where there is no winner?

Besides using a giveaway to promote a new product or brand, giveaways are often used to collect subscribers or build up a brand's social media juice. Amazon Giveaways can be set up to gain Twitter followers, get retweets, or best of all, get Youtube video views. And we all know that Youtube views help to get your video pushed up in Youtube and Google search results.

Watch for Scams

I have seen first hand a particular Amazon Giveaway Host use popular products like the new Amazon Echo or Fire Tablet to lure people in only to have the giveaway end after only a day or two with zero winners. Each person that enters thinks they have a chance at winning, but little do they know that while the host is racking up the Youtube views, the chance of a prize being given out at all is very slim. This host has used the same technique several times. The good news is that you were only scammed out of your time.

How to tell if an Amazon Giveaway is real

It is up to you to make sure an Amazon Giveaway you come across has a real chance of making you a winner. There is no secret formula or book titled "How to win Amazon Giveaways". It is all about putting in the time and entering as many giveaways as you can. The only trick that can really save you some time and ensure all of your efforts are not going to waste is to read the rules that are at the bottom of each page. The rules will tell you things like when the giveaway starts and ends, what the odds are of winning, and how the winner is chosen, and how many winners will be chosen.

For example: if a giveaway started today and there is only going to be one winner, and the winner will be the 20,000th person who entered, it is probably a good idea to wait awhile before you enter to win that prize. How long you wait is anyone's guess, it would depend on the popularity of the prize, how well the giveaway is promoted, etc. However, little details could help you win.

The Solution

I have sent feedback to Amazon explaining to them what I have stated here and that I believe there is a flaw in how some of the giveaways that use their system are run. I haven't heard back from them, but I hope they will see my email and work on a solution.

The possible solutions to fix the problems are simple enough. Either require that a giveaway must have a winner after it ends, regardless of whether the minimum entry number was met, or limit how many times a host can run a giveaway where no winner is chosen. The better option, though, is to have either an 'entry minimum' or an 'end date' for the giveaway, but not both.

Again, Amazon is not the problem here. In fact, I won a prize from Amazon using Amazon Giveaways. But I believe there are steps that Amazon needs to take to keep the credibility of Amazon Giveaways high and to prevent Hosts from scamming users out of prizes.

Update: While I never heard back from Amazon regarding my concerns, I believe they have taken steps to address the problems. I have not seen questionable giveaways for quite some time now. Though, it never hurts to be vigilant and to always read the rules.

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By the time you have read all the small print, it's faster just to enter. It doesn't cost anything. I have won about 20 Amazon giveaways over the past year and a half by entering a ton of them. By the way, when it says you have to watch the video for 15 seconds, I found it lets you enter after waiting 15 seconds whether you play the video or not. So you don't even have to give them the views if you don't want to.


My sister "won" a TV from the "Giveaway" promotion on, BUT they are refusing to send her the TV! When she "won," she immediately confirmed her address with them, as required. They, then, requested her tax info, and informed her the IRS had to respond to them within 3 days or Amazon would consider the TV "forfeited". TWO DAYS later (on Thanksgiving morning/a NATIONAL holiday with federal offices closed), amazon informed her the TV had been "forfeited" because the IRS had not responded promptly.

There was NO MENTION of an IRS requirement in the rules for winning that sweepstakes! Also, the requirement to report winnings with the IRS is items or cash with a value of $2,000 or more. The TV's value was only $800.

AMAZON IS STILL, VERY MUCH, A PART OF THIS SCAM!!! They are doing NOTHING to protect their customers and refuse to deliver the high ticket items "won" on THEIR OWN site!!!


I have won also

I have won several over a 2-3 month period but have not since the last item I had won about 2 months ago. Keeps saying no winners. I guess I know why now. Thanks for this post!