How To Promote An Amazon Giveaway

How To Promote An Amazon Giveaway

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How To Promote An Amazon Giveaway

Amazon offers a great feature called Amazon Giveaway, that lets users host promotional giveaways for just about any product sold on Amazon. The simple system takes most of the hard work out of running a giveaway, but it is not a one-stop solution to getting tons of traffic. As a giveaway host, you still need to take steps to help get the word out. In this article, I will show you some simple steps on how to promote your Amazon Giveaway.

The idea behind an Amazon giveaway, or just about any giveaway or sweepstakes, is to promote a brand or product by luring people in with a free prize. Since social media plays a big part in gaining traffic these days, giveaways can be a simple low-cost way to get eyes pointed towards your brand.

While the Amazon Giveaway system is centered around collecting entries using social media, you might be thinking that you are all set. While you might get entries by just sitting back and doing nothing, there are steps you can take to reach an even larger audience.

How to promote your Amazon Giveaway

Submit your giveaway to sweepstakes directories.

Did you know you can submit your giveaway for free to sweepstakes directories, like Sweeps-takes, where your giveaway will be seen by people looking to win products just like the ones you are giving away? Telling your own audience about your giveaway is great, but wouldn't you like to reach people that don't know about your brand or your product? A free listing can get you more views.

Did you know we share giveaways listed in our directory on social media for you?

Use Hashtags to your advantage.

It is a given that you should be using social media to help promote your giveaway, so why not use it to its full potential? A well-targeted #hashtag or two could help stretch your reach. #AmazonGiveaway will already get your tweet in front of people looking to win, but a more targeted tweet like #NewMom might get your organic diapers in front of potential buyers.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

A good graphic or picture could really help to promote your giveaway. While the masses are skimming over hundreds of lines of text, a single image has the opportunity to stop someone in their tracks to find out more. Using good images in your social media posts is a must.

If pictures are good, a video must be better.

Now that many social media platforms automatically play video when a user scrolls over them, a short, catchy video can get your message across in an instant. Here is your chance to let them know what you are all about and what you are giving away.

Amazon Giveaway Keys To Success

The key to success is to not choose a single method to help promote your Amazon giveaway, but to use multiple methods, and to continue promoting your giveaway up until the last day. Not everyone is going to be online at the same time, so spread your efforts out throughout the day, especially on twitter.

I hope you Amazon Giveaway users will find this information helpful, and if you have any tricks of your own, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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