Did you win big? Watch Out For Publishers Clearing House Scams

Did you win big? Watch Out For Publishers Clearing House Scams

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Look out for PCH Scams

Publishers Clearing House, also known as PCH, is one of the largest and most recognised names when it come to cash prize giveaways in the United States. With a name as recognisable as theirs, there are bound to be scammers out there to take advantage of people. Let me be clear, Publishers Clearing House is 100% legit, but there are scams out there that illegally use their name.

According to PCH, these scams seem to ramp up every time one of their giveaways is coming to an end and the big prize is about to be awarded. It is during these times that we

A simple news search will garner several results of unknowing people being scammed by people claiming to be from PCH.

Visit the official Publishers Clearing House website to enter to win.

How to tell the real PCH from a Scam

If someone contacts you claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House and tells you that you have won their grand prize, you are probably going to be overrun with emotions and will do anything to get your big prize. But if they require you to send in any kind of payment or money card to collect your prize, It Is A Scam. Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes are always free and you NEVER have to pay to claim a prize award. 

Most PCH Scams seem to center around some form of monetary payment, but there could be other scams out there as well. Phishing for personal information could be another big scam. These types of scams could be harder to identify, but you should be cautious of someone claiming to be from PCH who asks for personal information such as; your social security number, date of birth, etc. Scammers can use this information to steal your identity or open up credit cards or loans in your name.

If you receive an email from PCH notifying you that you have won, It Is A SCAM. According to Publishers Clearing House, they never send out emails to notify winners that they have won a major prize. If you win a major prize, the PCH Prize Patrol will show up at your house with one of their giant checks., or you might receive a check via certified mail. Again, in these emails, they will likely try to get you to send them some form of payment in order for you to claim the prize.

Even receiving a check doesn't mean you have won. One of the more recent scams involves sending out a bad check and then asking the winner to send back a small fee. The prize check will then bounce, and the "winner" will be out the difference. Once more; if they ask for money, it is a scam.

If you are still unsure, PCH has set up a toll-free number that you can call to see if you have really won. You can visit the official PCH website for more information. 

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