Amazon Prime Day 2018 Shopping Tips and Tricks

Amazon Prime Day 2018 Shopping Tips and Tricks

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Amazon Prime Day 2018 Shopping Tips and Tricks

Every year in July Amazon runs a sales event that rivals what we have come to expect from the holiday weekend sales after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year the event starts on July 16 at 3 pm EST and runs until midnight on the 17th. It is full of an insane amount of deals on just about everything you can think of, and include daily giveaways and more. In fact, some of the deals have already started. There is one big difference though, this sales event is exclusive to Amazon Prime members. But don't worry. I'll show you how non-members can get in on the action.

Amazon Prime Free 30-Day Trial

Amazon Prime Day is a reward for Prime members, but that doesn't mean non-members can't get in on some of the fun. Non-members can easily sign up for a 30-day trial membership for Amazon Prime, which will entitle you to all of the Prime Day deals as well as all of the other perks that come with being a Prime member, like free 2-Day shipping, the Free Prime Video Library, Prime Music catalog, and more. Then, if you wish to cancel your Prime membership, you can easily do so from your Account Settings.

Non-Members Need To See This

Even if a new-membership trail is not available to you, you have the option of purchasing just one month of Amazon Prime at a price of $12.99 or $6.49 for students. That small price could easily be made up by the saving of a large purchase. For example, in the runup to Prime Day, Amazon has taken $100 off of their Echo Show, for a price for $129. So, I suggest even non-members keep an eye out on Prime Day sales; you never known if one of those big ticket items you have been eye-balling will go on sale.

Prime Day Deals Every 5-Minutes

Last year Amazon said they had new deals going live every five minutes. While they didn't specifically say that it would be the same this year, I don't see why this year would be any different. In fact, with all of the 3rd-party sellers that use the event to sell their own products, I wouldn't be surprised if there are even more sales this year. Because 3rd-party sellers are involved, you know that just about every single category listed on Amazon will be covered. Shop Prime Day Deals

Use The App And Save $5

It can be hard to keep track of all the deals as they fly by your screen so fast; one way to help is to install the Amazon app and use the Watchlist feature to keep track of your favorite items. I also like to put items I want to keep an eye on in a wishlist that I can monitor.

Using the Amazon App can also save you $5 instantly. By using some of the App camera features; like the Camera Product Search function, Barcode Scanner, AR View, or Package X-ray; Amazon will give you a $5 coupon that is good for select items. Up to 6 coupons can be earned throughout the sales event.

Giveaways Leading Up To Prime Day

If you saw my giveaway posts, you will have noticed that Amazon is running 10 daily giveaways every day leading up to Prime Day. They also have a separate Sweepstakes to win $50,000 and a 2019 Lexus ES Car with Alexa. This year the giveaway winners are all chosen at random, which means everyone has an equal chance of winning. Last year you had to be the 20,000th entrant to be the winner, which meant a winner could have been selected before you even had the chance to enter.

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Get More From Prime Day

Prime Day 2018 is poised to be even better than years past. Not only are they going to be more deals than ever, but Amazon has other specials for Audible, Whole Foods, Twitch and more. Amazon even has a page full of new products that have launched in time for Prime Day. To check out all that Amazon has to offer, you would be wise to visit the official Amazon Prime Day Event Page.

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