10 Tips To Improve Your Odds To Win Prizes Online

10 Tips To Improve Your Odds To Win Prizes Online

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Entering sweepstakes is like being in a war you know you are never going to win, but it’s those small battles you win along the way that make the whole process worth it. Think about it, you are literally fighting against hundreds if not thousands of other people just to win free stuff. So if you really think about it, if you just enter one sweepstakes or giveaway, your chances are probably not very good. In this article I want to show you how you can take some small steps to greatly improve your chances of winning.

Tip 1: Stay positive.

First of all, if you think you are going to win every sweepstakes you enter, you are sorely mistaken. Theoretically you could enter over a million sweepstakes and never win, but the actual statistics will disagree. Eventually you win, and you might be surprised how often you will win once you get a system going. The first thing you need to do is to stay positive. You might not win right out of the gate, but the odds of winning eventually, are in your favor, and if you end up winning big, it will probably all be worth your effort.

Tip 2: Get in the flow

Once you have been sweeping for a while, you will start to develop a workflow process. With all the information you sometimes need to provide, it can feel daunting sometimes to enter more than a few giveaways in one sitting, but you need to enter giveaways in order to win. One process might be to enter the new giveaways that are added daily to ensure you don’t miss any. Another process might be to go through each giveaway category you are interested in. Once you start to develop your workflow you’ll see that it can really save you some time, which mean you can enter more sweepstakes daily.

Tip 3: Automate

One of the best ways to improve your flow is to use an automatic form filling program. Using something like LastPass, you can create different forms that you can use to help speed up the process. You can make a bunch of different forms to suit your needs, and LastPass has the added bonus of keeping track of your website passwords. While it may be against the rules to automate the actual giveaway entry, there is nothing wrong with automating the form filling process.

Tip 4: Enter Often

Many sweepstakes allow users to enter one or more times a day, week, or month. This means that a person that enters daily will have better odds of winning than a person that only entered the giveaway once total. At Sweeps-takes you can see right from the listing how many times you are allowed to enter each sweepstakes. Looking at the sidebar, you can also we broke down the giveaways that you can enter daily, weekly, or monthly. Some sweepstakes also allow for a few different methods of entry, such as tweeting a message, or liking them on Facebook. You can take advantage of those extra options to further increase your odds.

Tip 5: Small Giveaway, Big odds

If you are the only person to enter a giveaway, the chances are pretty good that you are going to be the one walking away with the prize. Of course that is an exaggeration, but it helps to illustrate that your odds will be significantly higher if you enter a giveaway from a small website, or one that is limited to people only in a particular area. Just the other day I won a free t-shirt from a small company because the odds were in my favor. If there is a giveaway available only to residents of your city or state, you will have much better odds than the same giveaway open to the entire US.

Tip 6: Work hard when others are lazy

Don’t want to fill out that survey just to be entered to win $100? Well guess what, most people are thinking the exact same thing. The more hoops you need to jump through in order to enter, the less people are likely to enter that giveaway. You might need to determine if the giveaway is worth the extra time needed to enter, but it just might payoff. The odds will favor the ones willing to put in the extra time and effort.

Tip 7: Short sweeps are your friend

The longer the giveaway is running, the chances of more people entering it will also be higher. Some people might not be able to enter sweepstakes daily, and they might miss out on a giveaway that is only open for one day. If you happen to enter that giveaway, you have given yourself pretty good odds of winning. Find those giveaways with short entry periods and be sure to enter them.

Tip 8: More Prizes, More Chances

Many giveaways are for more than one prize, and every extra prize is another chance of winning. This is why we list the total number of prizes in a giveaway on each Sweeps-takes listing. We want to make it easy to sort through the listings to find the ones with the best odds of winning. While many of these types of giveaways are for low cost prizes, many times high priced Grand Prizes also have expensive 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place prizes. Heck, sometimes you might rather win one of the secondary prizes versus the Grand prize.

Tip 9: Stay Organized

In addition to all of the categories that break down giveaway listings by Prize, value, entry method, and so on, registered members of Sweeps-takes can further organize listings by adding them to their own Favorites list. With your Favorites list you can keep track of those listings that you are sure to not want to miss. However you want to do it, you should stay organized with your entries, so you don’t make a mistake and accidently disqualify yourself by entering a single entry giveaway more than once.

Tip 10 : Stay Safe

While this really won’t help you win, it is a good idea to have an anti-virus installed to help keep you safe from any shady giveaways. We try to ensure that only high quality giveaways make it onto Sweeps-Takes, but even we can’t be 100% sure. Plus if you aenter other giveaways that you find online, there is always a chance of danger. I recommend using Avast anti-virus because not only is it free, but it works well and it doesn’t slow down my computer. By the way, if you happen to notice a bad giveaway on Sweeps-take, please let us know, so we can remove it.

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